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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kakak...boleh ke?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Good day!

How's ur IMAN today?

this may be a short entry. You know it has been quite a long time for me to have my day off from blogging. Well, pretty busy recently, ahahahaha. just wanna tell you guys many things happened to me in this couple weeks before. And here we go...

There was on day, a day that I usually spend with nothing, just reading some books or magazines to chase the boring away. Until, this moment, well I never thought it will be happened to me, when my youngest brother asked me a question..well not an ordinary question.

" Kakak...boleh ke?".

" Is playing blowing music instrument HARAM?".

I was speechless.

Perhaps, you guys will think that was a simple, easy pie strawberry shortcake lame question but not to me. here's the story, My brother is one of the student who is playing a music instrument in a band of a prestigious school. This school is happen to be always participates in many competitions and recognized by other countries as well. He's playing a type of instrument, i'm not sure what was the name of it but obviously it's a blowing type.

Rather than to win his heart, i just nodded. Nothing more than that. 

"Well, it is HARAM absolutely," I said. He looked at me with a tangled mind.

Sure it's HARAM, brother. I know you was thinking to leave the school. He hates to be left in a boarding school, far away from home.

" but let me put this way. Instead of you've been thinking to find excuses to get out of your school, why not you just mind other matter that are vividly and obviously HARAM and try to avoid from doing those things. What about ur Solat? Do you really take it seriously? then, how 'bout your AURAT?" 

That went very well. Now, he's the one who become speechless.
But i can't agree more with my brother. He really made me realized that don't take lightly on a single simple matter about rules in ISLAM. Everything is count. Just nice, Islam is ADDEEN, THE WAY OF LIFE.


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